Aaron Schafer

Founder/Host, No Simple Road Podcast A Host of the No Simple Road Podcast and psychedelic wanderer

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Aaron has been traveling the psychedelic highways and byways for over 30 years. Coming from feeling like a stranger at a Grateful Dead show in 1989 to wandering the streets homeless and strung out in Las Vegas, he has seen some things. Taking that hard won knowledge and experience and sharing what he's learned in the school of hard knocks is his life's goal. Aaron is the creator and one of the hosts of No Simple Road. A weekly music & culture podcast that connects the listeners on a deeper level with the artists, authors, comedians, and luminaries that inspire and amaze us.

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Whatever You Do... Take Care of Your Shoes

April 17, 2021, 01:15 AM
James Apple Melanie Schafer Aaron Schafer