Christopher Gunlock

Executive Director; Owner, Psychedelic Society of Minnesota; Open Mind Integration Christopher Gunlock M.H.S. is an integration coach and has enjoyed many experiences with mushrooms and LSD primarily, and enjoys being transparent about them. He has served as the executive director of the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota for over a year.

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With his professional experience in education, meditation and integrative medicine, Christopher works as a psychedelic integration coach through his platform, Open Mind Integration, to help people that are using altered states of consciousness to integrate their spiritual awareness and apply it to chronic health conditions. Christopher also serves as the executive director for the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota [] where he regularly offers events on psychedelic science, holistic health and psychedelic integration.

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InterGenerational Integration and Healing

April 16, 2021, 06:15 PM
Madison Margolin Alli Gunlock Bruce Margolin Christopher Gunlock