Deborah Servetnick

Transformational Psychedelicoach, Author of "Short, Sweet, and Sacred", Integrate to Create, Grateful Deb M.Ed.

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Deb has been a transformational teacher all her adult life. She met the Dalai Lama 32 years ago and that same year experienced her first ayahuasca ceremony. In New Jersey. As a bodyworker and breathworker she worked with people with AIDS in San Francisco and Philadelphia and was an Act-Up activist. She was a participant in the JHU Psilocybin Cancer Study and her recovery and re-connection to psychedelics inspired her to become a Certified Life Coach and Psychedelic Integration Coach. She’s been following the Grateful Dead since 1974 and has a FB Live every Saturday 2pm EST as Grateful Deb, offering transformational coaching. Her next 12 week psychedelic prep and integration class begins in May. Deb's also the author of Short, Sweet, and Sacred.

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Future Memory - Integration in Wonderland

April 18, 2021, 12:00 AM
Deborah Servetnick