Kendra Valentine

Founder, Dragonfly Wellness Healing Center Kendra's gift of energy work and intuitive healing have been present her whole life. In addition to her depth of connection to the universe, Kendra holds an MBA in Operations Management.

About this speaker

All of these gifts have strengthened her ability to help lead people through healing experiences with the magic of the medicine work she has been blessed to become a part of through the Entheogen Integration Circle, having been an active member for the last two years. For as long as Kendra can remember, she has felt connected to the universal flow of life, creation, and collective consciousness. Her first introduction to energy work, at the tender age of 5, was under the watchful eye and guidance of her Grandmother, Petra Valentine, who herself was a powerful and connected medium and healer.


The Emergence of Integration Underground

April 18, 2021, 06:15 PM
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