Kufikiri Imara

Facilitator, SFPS BIPOC Integration Circle Kufikiri Imara - Born and raised in Oakland, California (Huichin territory of Ohlone people). He works with Sacred Garden Community, aiding him in deepening his craft as a facilitator working with ethnically diverse communities.

About this speaker

As the former head of the DNO committee on Outreach, Education, Access, & Integration, he worked to encourage broad access to education and the opportunities to profoundly change one’s life for the better. He recently helped to launch the SFPS BIPOC Entheogen Integration circle.


Restoring Our Roots: Exploring How Today’s BIPOC Communities Are Reclaiming Their Indigenous Legacy of the Healing Circle

April 17, 2021, 09:30 PM
Esteban Orozco Kufikiri Imara