Psychedelic Narcissism and Epistemic Rabbit Holes

A talk by Adam Aronovich, Mike Brancatelli, Michael Phillip and Jennifer Sodini
Medical Anthropology Research Center, Mikeadelic Podcast, Third Eye Drops Podcast and Evolve +. Ascend

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The ongoing unraveling of phenomena like QAnon and COVID-denialism has illuminated the extent to which conspirituality, magical thinking and cognitive bias have been deeply rooted in the fertile grounds of the psychedelic/plant medicine/wellness/yoga scenes. We have witnessed the renewed weaponization of populist sentiments, through a new cycle of politicized and recycled anti-semitic tropes and New Age clichés, this time disguised under the cutesy pastel tones of the alternative health and wellness influencer's psychobabble.

As people who have been part of the psychedelic renaissance as communicators, media specialists, artists, academics, organizers and community leaders, we feel a sense of responsibility and urgency to take a stand for more elegant and sophisticated epistemics and better sense-making and meaning-making in our communities.

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