J Colbert (Taragápe)

Handpan Virtuoso, Taragápe Taragápe (J Colbert) is a musician, educator, and psychedelic integration coach. He has journeyed intentionally with earth medicines in ceremonial and meditative practices over the past six years. He now seeks to support others with their psychedelic practice through structured coaching and holding space through reflective music.

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His personal integration process has centered largely around music—in particular creating reflections with the handpan, as well as guitar/lyrical compositions. The 432Hz album Spirit Maze, recorded in Boulder with Dango Rose of Elephant Revival, is a distillation of potent inner/outer journeys arranged in a beautiful manner presented as a musical experience that interweaves through tonalities, emotions, spiritual musings, and deep reflections both personal and collective.

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Spirit Maze Medicine Music

April 16, 2021, 08:45 PM
J Colbert (Taragápe)