J Colbert (Taragápe)

Spirit Maze Medicine Music

A Talk by J Colbert (Taragápe) (Handpan Virtuoso, Taragápe)

About this Talk

Taragápe presents music inspired by the medicine journey as reflections and integrations. He will perform selections from the album Spirit Maze and more, featuring the handpan—an inverted steel drum played with the hands. In addition to the performance, Taragápe will share strategies on how you can utilize music in your own integration practice. Whether you are a musician or simply someone who loves music, there are key ways in which one can use music to embody the remembrance of a potent journey.

April 16, 2021, 08:45 PM

08:45 PM - 09:30 PM

About The Speakers

J Colbert (Taragápe)

J Colbert (Taragápe)

Handpan Virtuoso, Taragápe

Taragápe (J Colbert) is a musician, educator, and psychedelic integration coach. He has journeyed intentionally with earth medicines in ceremonial and meditative practices over the past six years. He now seeks to support others with their psychedelic practice through structured coaching and holding space through reflective music.