Shelagh Brown

Founder, Herban Healing Shelagh Brown is a Black, queer, fat disabled botanical scientist, ethnobotanist, educator, storyteller, healer and cultural worker who infuses ancestral wisdom and modern science to help facilitate healing in communities.

About this speaker

Shelagh facilitates workshops, classes, conversations and produces content that centers liberation and healing for the those most impacted by systems of harm. Her work is guided by love and an innate desire to create a world that’s safe, healthy, and just for everyone. She has dedicated the majority of her life to understanding and exposing systems of harm created by colonialism, capitalism and white supremacy and the human experiences within them, while simultaneously learning how to heal the trauma, lived and ancestral, our relationships to and with plants, the land and our own wellness despite constant and generational trauma, abuse and genocide. She is passionately committed to reconnecting communities with nature through the wisdom and guidance of plants. Shelagh holds a BS in Herbal Sciences, an MS in Acupuncture, a certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine from Bastyr University, and she is currently completing a MA in Social Justice and Community Organizing at Prescott College. Shelagh facilitates grief and resilience groups for BIPOC and has researched, educated and guided herself and others in psychedelia for 28 years and is a proponent of the legalization of all substances as well as a prison abolitionist. Shelagh filters all her work through an anti-oppression lens and is dedicated to helping create more pathways towards sustainable community care and wellness for all people and planet.


Underworld Integration: Psychedelics and Death, Grief & Transition

April 17, 2021, 07:30 PM
Diana Quinn Abou Farman Shelagh Brown Djinn Thompson