Underworld Integration: Psychedelics and Death, Grief & Transition

A Talk by Shelagh Brown, Abou Farman, Diana Quinn and Djinn Thompson
Herban Healing, On Not dying: Secular Immortality in the Age of Technoscience, Threshold Medicine and The Psychedelic Parenting Podcast

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About this talk

Underworld Integration: Psychedelics and Death, Grief & Transition For many marginalized communities, loss and grief is an ongoing experience related to not only individual death but to state and social violence. How can psychedelics support the specificity of grief for QT/BIPOC? What does it look like for psychedelic integration to take social issues and context into account? What are the complexities of holding space for both integration and multiplicity? Join us for a panel discussion of the role of psychedelics in individual and collective care for QT/BIPOC navigating death, grief and transition.

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Shelagh Brown

Shelagh Brown is a Black, queer, fat disabled botanical scientist, ethnobotanist, educator, storyteller, healer and cultural worker who infuses ancestral wisdom and modern science to help facilitate healing in communities.

Abou Farman

He is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at The New School for Social Research and founder of Art Space Sanctuary as well as the Shipibo Conibo Center of NY.

Diana Quinn

Diana Quinn ND (she/her) is a licensed naturopathic doctor and healing justice practitioner specializing in integrative mental health, grief and end of life care, and decolonized healing modalities.

Djinn Thompson

Djinn Thompson (they/them) has over 20 years' experience with psychedelic plants and has been trip sitting in a professional capacity for over a decade, having served as a facilitator for legal psilocybin retreats in Jamaica and other venues.

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